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All you need to know about Luxury Artificial Grass

Installation costs of our luxury artificial grass varies based on many factors but if you simply want to buy the grass you can use our

Alternatively feel free to call or email us to arrange a free quotation with large samples for you to “Ooh and Ahh and get your fingers and toes into”

Yes we do 8 years. With GRASSify you are buying the only luxury artificial grass manufactured in the UK it means you have the complete peace of mind with an 8 Year UK guarantee against UV damage and other aspects. You are in good hands with GRASSify, the favourite local artificial grass company in Marbella

Our manufacturer approved installation techniques enable our team to ensure a high quality job is carried out swiftly and efficiently with full attention to detail. However this doesn’t mean you cant do a fantastic job of it yourself. We offer a FREE DIY guide as well as telephone support for all of our customers. You can buy almost everything you need from us.

Yes our grass contains no lead content making it safe for children and pets to play on, including, ball games, tumble time, and general garden play safely without making a muddy mess.

All artificial grass will flatten if left uncared for, however a light brushing from time to time will ensure the pile stays upright for a better lasting look, we recommend a sand infill top-up and a power brush every 6-18 months depending on the frequency of use. GRASSify offer a superb after sales service to all of our clients to ensure their grass will last for many long years. Contact us for your artificial grass maintenance quote today.

Absolutely not, our products were initially introduced into Australia and New Zealand and we also operate in Southern Spain where temperatures reach up to 40 degrees for prolonged periods and to this day we have never had a single complaint. Our expert manufacturers ensure UV protection which means we can provide you with an 8 year warranty to ensure you have peace of mind that you are in good hands with GRASSify artificial grass.

It couldn’t be any easier, simply give you grass a light brush with a stiff bristle broom from time to time to maintain the upright pile and use a hose to wash down any unwanted mess. Did you know we also offer tools to make keeping your lawn clean a doddle. Ask our team about our petrol power brush and our leaf sucker/blower for more information.

All of our products are fully porous and are free draining so water behaves as if the grass isn’t even there however if you have a problem with drainage then please let one of our trained professionals know so we can investigate the issue before laying your new artificial grass.

You can enjoy all of the same BBQ fun with family and friends as per usual on our artificial grass.

The good news is that our artificial grass is non flammable, however its still made of polypropylene a form of plastic so it could be damaged by a fallen hot coal, but it will not burn your house down at least. .

A gas BBQ is better as no loose hot coals are used but if that just isn’t a proper BBQ for you then we recommend placing on decking, paving or a patio to protect the grass.

Rest assured all of our artificial grasses are sand infilled will further protect the grass in various ways. All of our products have been safety tested to ensure maximum protection for you and your family.

They’ll love it. In fact most of our clients have dogs an for good reasons. Our grass has been used in pet care, boarding and training facilities where a large number of pooches use it as both a toilet and playground. The sand infill prevents dog’s claws from damaging the grass and improves the drainage of the area.

About the wee and poop! Well cleaning up their mess has never been easier. Simply pick up any mess and hose down the area. All clients receive a free aftercare information pack with their new artificial grass gardens which explains how to best care for your artificial lawn with dogs and other pets.

Our Luxury artificial grass range is manufactured in the UK to a superior quality than other offerings on the market. Our UK warranty for UV protection and expert manufacturing means it will not change colour or fall apart within the 8 years however in normal domestic use our products if cared for well have been seen to last between 10-15 years. Our free artificial grass aftercare information pack includes all of the details and tools you need to make the most of your GRASSify artificial grass.

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